Tomorrow is an important day!!

My new collaborative blog will be launched-

An interesting post on NYFW will start us off with many more posts in the coming week: a home decor DIY, two outfits and more surprises!


Hope to see you guys there!





Hello fellow readers!


It’s been a great journey together! Blogging has always been something I wanted to do and thelifestylesofpauline was my first real experience as a blogger and I have to say it’s been a very pleasant one!

So pleasant actually that it’s been decided that a new blog will open soon ran by me and one of my friends, Laurie. I do not want to give the link away just yet because it’s not complete yet, but it should be running next week.

I wanted to take this time to thank you all for your kind words, your likes and your encouragements. I am closing this blog as I do not have time to operate this blog and the new one.

However, if you enjoy reading this blog you will find that reading our new one is even better: we plan on having DIY’s, outfit of the day, Montreal cafes and restaurant reviews, Fashion news, photography, cosmetics and much more!!!

And another benefit is that it will be bilingual: french and english =]


I will post the new blog’s link as soon as it is ready!



Thank you all again!!



Different styles for the office and for interviews

Did you ever wonder what was meant by business casual? Do you wonder if overdress or under-dress to business events? I had a presentation this week on the differences between conservative, semi-conservative, business casual and formal dress attires.

Hope this helps you out!!



Conservative is very professional. It is typically what lawyers or executive bankers wear. For men it means wearing a conservative suit (block color, normal cut) and a tie. For women a suit is also required with minimal jewelry. Nails should be a block color (preferably beige) and hair should be well groomed either pulled back or loose. Skirts should at or below the knee and the neckline should be high. Shoes should be closed.



Semi-conservative is typically what you find at professional conferences. This style is a bit more relax than the style above. For men, the suits can be more fitted. The colors are still block and a tie should still be worn although it can be “funkier” (understand it does not have to be block color… do not go too crazy!). For women, the suit jacket becomes optional, one can wear a nice dress or a less corporate blazer. Jewelry can be a bit bigger but should still be minimal. The neckline can be lower, but not too low.

Business Casual


Business casual is one we hear the most about. Today this is the dress code of most firms at a variety of degrees. It is by no mean casual…. remember there is business in front, it is however more relaxed and both men and women can express their personal styles more. Men no longer need to wear ties and in more relaxed environment (think young start up) do not need a suit jacket either. However, the outfit should still look put together: no light wash jeans and a button down is required. For women there is much more space for personal expression: the skirts can be above the knee (not in the middle of the thigh) and jewelry can be louder. This is typically the outfit that can be taken from the office to cocktail hour by changing accessories.



Formal has actually nothing to do with business attire… Formal is what you wear to a wedding, the prom, a upscale office party… For men it includes tux and nicely fitted suits and for women long dresses or cocktail dresses.

The rule of thumb is that when going for an interview you should dress up one category. If you know the company you are interviewing for is business casual- you should go semi-conservatively.

When in doubt, conservative is the best option!!

Tortoise Shell

Tortoise shell is a very pretty print that I think looks great in the wintertime due to its cooler tones. It’s been in fashion for quite some time now especially in eye wear. It’s a nice alternative to black staying dark and classic with a twist.

I put together some inspirational pieces for you guys:


Weight maintaining and loosing tips


I am very health conscious and I like to treat my body the way it should. That said, all of the tips following are what I follow and what I feel is right for me. I am in no way a dietitian I am just someone that cares about what I eat and about eating in a balanced way.

Here are some tips I have for loosing weight and most importantly keeping this weight off.


1. Stop drinking soda and juice

Soda is good, soda is addictive and soda is extremely sugary. Juices are even more evil because they look innocent…. In my mind when I was drinking juice I was eating fruit! But no. Juices have no fiber and are filled with calories and sugar.


Water really is your best friend, on top of having no sugar what’s so ever it is the only fluid your body actually needs. Coffee and Tea are also good alternatives. I know that many of us do not like drinking either of those without sugar so a good alternative to sugar is honey or even lemon juice (although it is less sweet than honey).


2. Keeping clear of processed foods or “diet” and “light” foods

Processed foods are filled with salt. Salt, although necessary like every other nutrient, is detrimental to our circulation system if taken in too grand quantities. When we buy frozen pizza, microwavable dishes or any other processed foods we are taking a lot more salt in than we would if we were to cook it ourselves.

As for light or sugar-free condiments they use saccharose or synthesis fat (like the kind found in margarine) that is also detrimental because not natural.

I know it takes time to cook for ourselves and that we do not always have the time to do so. But it is only a means of changing our schedule around. On the weekends, when we typically have more time, we can prepare meals and freeze them for usage during the rest of the week. It is not always fun to cook, especially at the beginning, but it is important for our body and its functioning.


3. Planning your meals before going grocery shopping and having a list 

The grocery store is filled with temptations: cookies, candy, creamy stuff…. And when we go there hungry or without knowing what to eat for the week we buy what we crave, and what we crave is rarely broccoli…

What I like to do is to keep a journal of recipes that I like (either found on the web, on magazines, from friends and family) and refer to those to make a weekly plan.

For example:

Monday- Chili con carne

Tuesday- Basil grilled chicken with green beans

Wednesday- Tournedos with red wine sauce and pasta

Thursday- Grilled salmon with vegetable julienne

Friday- Vegetable Quiche with salad

Saturday- Grilled peppers with bacon and eggs

Sunday- Homemade pizza with salad

I find that it is easier to buy healthy foods when we incorporate them in a receipe. Also, this technique saves time because we know what we are going to eat and it is easier to organize it according to your schedule. If you know that on Tuesday you finish work at 9pm you will not cook boeuf bourgignon…

Also, and this is more for an ecological reason, I limit my meat or fish intake to the first 4 days of the week. This allows me to eat fresh protein without having to go back to the supermarket.

If you do not know that I am talking about when I say ecological impact and are interested here is a nice article summing it all up:



We all know the impact of exercising on our global health and system. But on top of keeping us fit, exercising is also a way to release pressure, to feel a sense of accomplishment, to boost self esteem and to de-connect from daily craziness.

Exercising does not have to be intense every day 1 hour workout. You can start slow by deciding to walk to school or work when the weather allows it, ride a bike, walk your dog every week… Taking classes is for me an ideal way to exercise. It’s fun, you are motivated by the group and you feel the results.

Going with a friend or a spouse is a good way to start. You can both motivate each other to keep going!

5. Do not restrain yourself 

Being healthy and staying healthy should not be a burden. It should come naturally. We are all raised in different cultures and health has a different place in everyone’s household. However, it is important to realize that healthy decisions will keep us in better shape for the future and will allow us to better live our lives with less illnesses and less stress.

That said, changes cannot be made over night. I suggest starting slow. Maybe starting by reducing soda intake. And once that is done, start exercise once a week. Moving on to gradually cutting other unnecessary nutrients and bad habits from our system.

Now we are all humans and all have needs and wants. I crave chocolate and cookies as much as the next girl and I do not think that refusing all of those cravings is healthy. Now following cravings does not mean that we eat the whole bag of potato chips or the entire chocolate tablet… It means that if we want a cookie from time to time we have the cookie. If for some reason we are not feeling good that day and want to eat at McDonald’s for lunch and at Wendy’s for dinner then we can!

It’s all about balance. Taking in the right nutrients in the right amount and being smart about our choices.




If you have any other tips or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments =]


Neo- goth trend 2013

Hello ladies!!

As I am sure many of you saw in stores and on the runways, Goth is in style this season. However drop your chains and heavy makeup the neo goth of 2013 is girly, flirty and very feminine. Almost feline.

Leather, studs, lingerie,velvet, cobalt blue, silver tones, structured neck lines and outwear were all honored on many designer runways: Derek Lam, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein on top of the in conditionals of this style like Givenchy and Alexander McQueen.


Here are two outfits I put together that you guys will hopefully find inspirational!




My autumn trends

With leaves falling and the colder temperatures settling in, we are all sure of it: Fall is here! Boots, coats and sweaters are all taken out of the closet while shorts, t-shirts and scandals are going back in.

Here are my favorite trends for this fall season:


1. Leather 

It gives that immediate rocker vibe and is great for the cooler months. Leather skirts are big this season. Pair them with heavy knits and thick tights!!


2. Waxed skinny jeans

LOVE that trend! They look leathery but are more subtle and are great to pair with a nice blazer and some oxfords.

3. High rise pants

Jeans, pants, jeggings all come in high rises. The shape elongates the legs and makes the body appear slimmer. Wear with a top tucked in and a nice belt!

4. Burgundy

The color of fall, it’s in every store and fits any skin color. I like to pair it with browns or creams.

5. Heavy knit

Must-have!! They are comfy, keep warm and cozy! Great to pair with anything!! Just keep in mind the proportions, if it’s oversized keep the bottoms form fitting!



Halloween is just around the corner but so are midterms and with the weather getting colder and colder and the night sky settling sooner and sooner it is not always easy to focus on how you will dress up.

So I decided to do a post on Halloween costumes you could make with what you have in your wardrobe!

The occasional wig or hat might still have to be bought  ;]


1. Witch 



Here it is pretty straightforward pair your favorite LBD with simple stilettos or some classic black flats. Add long gloves for drama and buy a pointy hat.

You could also add a cape or just a black wrap around to put on your shoulders.

For makeup go for a dramatic black smoky eye and vampy lips. Black nails are a must if long gloves are not worn ;]


2. Sailor

If you have a stripped navy shirt you could dress up as a sailor! Pair it with some high waisted shorts (ideally red to add some color but navy or even denim works fine as well!) I added white toms but small sneakers (like Keds), flats or even heels would work well too! (navy or red here again work well).

A sailor hat will be a nice addition but if you really can’t find one (military supply shops sell them) you could always make a cute headband with a stripped or red scarf !

A cute red lip  and red nails would suit this look well!

3. Flapper 

Start with a simple (not skin tight) dress of the color of your choice. Add a jeweled belt to cinch in your waist and a long pearl necklace. A nice pair of Mary Jane’s (ideally with jewels on them) and a feather in your hair complete the look and you’re good to go!

For makeup a nice cat eye with a strong eyeliner would be cute with some deep red lips and vampy nails!

4. Cow girl 

Start with your favorite denim cut offs and top it off with a red (or other color) plaid button down (whether you knot it is up to you). Add a nice brown leather belt and brown western boots.

Top it of with a big cow boy hat (straw or not).

Make up here is neutral, light gloss on the lips and a neutral shade on nails.




Hello lovelies!!

I am sorry again for my late comings in new posts lately….. But I have a good excuse this time again I swear! I left France at the end of August to return to beautiful Montreal (where it is cold already….). We moved into our new apartment with Romain (that is trully amazing!) that we almost finished decorating….

I also started work at Zara two weeks ago!! It is an amazing experience the rest of the staff is very friendly, the tasks that I have to do are varied and the overall ambiance of the store is great. I work part time (I still have classes on the side) in the Children’s section.

The reason for this post is to show you that you can find true gems in the children’s section of any store really. Here is a selection of my favorite pieces of the moment:

( I will provide a link to the French Zara eshop and prices in Euro below each image but all items can be found on other countries Zara pages)

1. Faux leather sweater 29,95 E


2. Red riding vest 22,95 E

3. Pleated chiffon skirt 14,95 E

4. Riding Leggings 14,95 E

5. Girly button down 19,95 E

6. Sweater with buttons in back 25,95 E

Back to School: nails

Here are some hot trends that I like and how to re-create them :


1. Caviar manicure

What you need:

-nail polish

-micro beads (you can get them at craft stores)

How to:

1) Paint ONE nail with a thick coat of nail polish and while the nail polish is still wet pour nicrobeads on it

2) Repeat until all the nails are covered

2. Ombre nails

What you need:

-2 nail polished (a dark tone and a light tone)

-a makeup sponge

-a clear top coat

How to:

1) Apply one coat of the lightest tone

2) With the sponge lightly tap the darkest tone in THIN coats starting slightly higher then the cuticle

3) Continue making your way up the nail until you reach the top lightly tapping the darker shade of nail polish using the makeup sponge

4) When all is dry, apply a thin top coat

3. New Age French Manicure 

What you need:

-2 nail polishes

-top coat


How to: 

1) Apply two coats of your first nail polish

2) When the nail is dry, put a piece of tape where you want your second nail polish to be

3) Paint the rest of the nail with the second color and wait until the nail is dry before taking off the tape

4) Apply a top coat

4. Two toned nail 

What you need:

-two (or more!) nail polishes in contrasting but complementing colors

-top coat

How to: 

1) Paint all your nails but one on each hand a color

2) Paint the remaining nail a different color

tip: you do not have to choose the same nail on both hand, let your inspiration run free!

5. Reverse french manicure 

What you need:

-two nail polished

-top coat


How to:

1) Cut 10 pieces of tape in an almond shape (copying the shape of the white at the bottom of your nails)

2) Paint your nails the lightest color

3) When it is dry, place your cut tape at the bottom of the nail

4) Paint over the tape the rest of the nail

5) When all is dry, remove the tape

6) Top coat!