Back to School: nails

by thelifestylesofpauline

Here are some hot trends that I like and how to re-create them :


1. Caviar manicure

What you need:

-nail polish

-micro beads (you can get them at craft stores)

How to:

1) Paint ONE nail with a thick coat of nail polish and while the nail polish is still wet pour nicrobeads on it

2) Repeat until all the nails are covered

2. Ombre nails

What you need:

-2 nail polished (a dark tone and a light tone)

-a makeup sponge

-a clear top coat

How to:

1) Apply one coat of the lightest tone

2) With the sponge lightly tap the darkest tone in THIN coats starting slightly higher then the cuticle

3) Continue making your way up the nail until you reach the top lightly tapping the darker shade of nail polish using the makeup sponge

4) When all is dry, apply a thin top coat

3. New Age French Manicure 

What you need:

-2 nail polishes

-top coat


How to: 

1) Apply two coats of your first nail polish

2) When the nail is dry, put a piece of tape where you want your second nail polish to be

3) Paint the rest of the nail with the second color and wait until the nail is dry before taking off the tape

4) Apply a top coat

4. Two toned nail 

What you need:

-two (or more!) nail polishes in contrasting but complementing colors

-top coat

How to: 

1) Paint all your nails but one on each hand a color

2) Paint the remaining nail a different color

tip: you do not have to choose the same nail on both hand, let your inspiration run free!

5. Reverse french manicure 

What you need:

-two nail polished

-top coat


How to:

1) Cut 10 pieces of tape in an almond shape (copying the shape of the white at the bottom of your nails)

2) Paint your nails the lightest color

3) When it is dry, place your cut tape at the bottom of the nail

4) Paint over the tape the rest of the nail

5) When all is dry, remove the tape

6) Top coat!